About me


Hey there, I am Natalia and I travel a lot and decided to share my travel experience with you. I am from Ukraine and lived for 25 years in this beautiful country. More than 1.5 years now I live in Qatar, Doha. And few days ago was my 27th birthday. Every day when I meet new people I hear that I don’t look like 27, they say I look more like 22-24. But in fact I am already 27. Hope in my 40ies, I will look like 25.))

I was thinking to start my travel blog for many months now, but I was too lazy or too tired to write something, even pictures I post in Instagram with a delay. And now I think it’s the right time to start. I am travelling to 5-6 countries every month, so I think will find some interesting stuff to share with you guys. And if you are interested in travelling as much as I am, welcome to this blog.

On my page, I’ll be sharing about my travels, where to go, where to stay, what I like and what I don’t like. Follow me for daily updates on @nataliichkaaa on Instagram.

My YouTube channel here.