Niagara Falls, Canada – the Most Amazing Falls in the World

niagara falls

Since I was a child I wanted to visit Canada more than USA. Mostly because of beautiful lakes and nature that can be seen only in Canada. But I’ve been only to few cities, like Montreal, Ottawa and now Toronto and Niagara Falls. All beatiful mountains are up north of the country. So, one day I will go there for sure.

Here is my vlog from this trip to Canada.

niagara falls

One more of my dreams was to see Niagara Falls. Finally my dream came true and my boyfriend took me there. I was even more excited to be there with my love. Niagara Falls is 57 m tall and is just breathtaking. It is not the biggest fall in the world, but definitely one of the most beautiful. I didn’t expect that we can come so close to it (see pics below). You can just look at this amount of water falling down forever.

niagara falls

Do you know that over 5,000 people have perished going over Niagara Falls. Approximately 20-40 people commit suicide at the falls every year. Those, who survive, have to pay $5000 fine or up to 6 months in jail, or both. So, better be safe and enjoy your life. Don’t do stupid things.

We spent one night at the hotel near Niagara Falls. The next morning we went to see the Falls closer, of course. It was a bit cold and water is splashing everywhere if you come close to the view point. But this view is just unforgettable. There is Tim Hortons, so you can just warm up with a cup of coffee or tea there. I will gladly come again. Now I want to see The Falls in winter when it will be frozen.


We stayed in a very romantic hotel. It was amazing surprise from my boyfriend. The view from our hotel room was on Niagara Falls. And the hotel is very unusual. It’s a real tower. And is called “Tower hotel”. This was the most unusual hotel where I stayed. Definitely recommend it. But it’s a bit expensive. The room with a view on Niagara Falls will cost you approximately $300 per night. But if you want your girlfriend to be happy, you will do everything.

niagara falls niagara falls

This is a view at night

niagara falls


After walkig there for about 2-3 hours, we went back to Toronto. It takes about 1 hour by car. But we stopped at a huge shipwreck that was on our way. It’s really worth stopping by. The pictures will be very nice. But mosquitoes are really huge there. I never saw so many mosquitoes in one place. I was a bit scared. We definitely needed some mosquito repellent, but we were running from our car to this shipwreck. Luckily they didn’t bite.


CN Tower

When we finally reached Toronto, first thing we did was visiting CN Tower. The tower is 553 m high. It is now the ninth tallest free-standing structure in the world. The CN Tower held the record of tallest free-standing structure on land for over 30 years. It was surpassed in 2009 by the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China, which stands at 604 metres tall, as the world’s tallest tower; which in turn was surpassed by the Tokyo Skytree in 2011, which currently is the tallest tower at 634 metres in height. The ticket price is appoximately $40.

CN Tower

So, now I will try to recollect the towers I’ve visited:
✔️ Tokyo Skytree, Japan- 634 m
✔️ CN Tower, Toronto, Canada – 553 m
✔️ Eiffel Tower, Paris, France – 300 m
✔️ Bitexco Finnancial Tower, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – 258 m
✔️ Reunion Tower, Dallas, USA – 171 m

I will not include The Tower Hotel to this list, but it’s also a tower. I think that’s it… I’ve been to many skyscrapers and peaks as well, but they’re not towers.

After we ‘ve seen everything at CN Tower, my boyfriend took me to his house. I wanted to see where he lives. We stayed there for few minutes and we had to go back to Montreal. I haven’t seen much in Toronto, because we didn’t have time. I had only 2 days in Canada, so we had to go back. And 5 hours drive was waiting for us. It was really tiring, but I saw what I wanted to see, thanks to my boyfriend. This road trip was really unforgettable.


Breathtaking waterfalls in the world

There are so many waterfalls is the world, but some of them you can access only from air, some of them are in jungles. So, the most popular waterfall is Niagara Falls, because you can easily come close to it.

I have made a research about some waterfalls, that are really worth visiting. Check this list:
1. Victoria Falls (border between Zimbabwe and Zambia)
2. Niagara Falls (Canada and USA)
3. Iguazu Falls (Brazil and Argentina)
4. Angel Falls (jungle region of Venezuela)
5. Kaieteur Falls (Potaro River in the centre of Guyana’s rainforest)
6. Blue Nile Falls (northern Ethiopia)
7. Detian Falls (border between China and Vietnam)
8. Gullfoss (Iceland)
9. Huangguoshu (China)
10. Jog Falls (India)
11. Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)
12. Yosemite Falls (California, USA)
13. Dettifoss (Northeast Iceland)
14. Nohkalikai Falls (India)
15. Tugela Falls (South Africa)
16. Sutherland Falls (New Zealand)
17. Gocta Cataracts (Peru).

niagara falls

Canada will be always in my heart. It’s a really beautiful country and good for life as well. I wish I can go there for a longer period of time…

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