Most Popular Places To Visit in London

Big ben

One of the most often visited cities by me is London. I was there already 10 times. I love this city, I love to walk there and I always have lots of places I want to visit, but as I come to London only for 1 day, I do not have time to see many places at once. That’s why I am visiting 1 or 2 places at a time. I really hope that I will come here once for a longer period of time and not by myself. And now I am enjoying the warm and sunny weather in London for the tenth time.

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It is very easy to go to the city center or to any point you need from London Heathrow Airport. First, you need to buy an Oyster card. It’s much more convenient than buying a ticket every single time. It costs 5 pounds and you need to recharge it for 5 pounds or more. Later when you will not need it, you can return it and they will give you back all the money that were on the balance as well as 5 pounds for the card. It can also be used on all buses in the city. I already have 2, because I forgot it once, and I wanted to go by bus to Primark, as I couldn’t pay by cash in a bus, I had to buy one more Oyster card.


Transportation is very expensive in London. You will pay about 3-4 pounds for one trip (it is 120 hryvnias), 2 ways it’s 7-8 pounds.)) But you will not find cheaper transport from the airport to the center. I can imagine how much people spend on transport every month…

Go by underground from the airport (by the way, one of the largest and oldest in the world). The Piccadilly line starts at Terminal 4, and there are free buses between terminals, so you will not have any problems there. I almost always go to Piccadilly Circus and walk 10 minutes to Buckingham Palace or to Big Ben. No need to change the line, just one hour by metro and you will be there. Although, once I had to stand both ways as there were a lot of people. It was exhausting.

Big ben

Elizabeth Tower

It’s enough about transportation. Will talk about places you need to visit there. What’s your association with London? That’s right – Big Ben, the Queen, Red Buses, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace … First of all, I wanted to see Big Ben. And when I first came to London, I immediately went to look at it. The Elizabeth Tower is closed for reconstruction for 4 years and until 2021 it will be as on the picture below. By the way, Big Ben is just a bell tower, and the official name is Elizabeth Tower.

The maintenance of the tower will cost up to £ 61 million ($ 81.7 million), the first price was two times lower. But I still wanted a photo with Big Ben on the background, so that’s what we have.

Big ben Big ben

Buckingham Palace

The next place I wanted to see was the house where the Queen lives. In fact, you will not see anything special there, just a house behind the fence … well, if you are lucky, maybe you will see the Queen, but I wasn’t that lucky.)) There are parks around the palace and the royal gardens on the territory of the palace, but you will not be able to enter there (though sometimes it is opened for visitors).

buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703. It is interesting to find out when the queen is in the palace, the UK’s flag will be visible on the roof. I did not know about it before … so I’ll pay attention next time I go there. Nowadays, there are about 600 rooms in the palace. There is also a large art gallery with works of outstanding artists. If you want to see all its greatness from the inside, it is possible in August and September. But the number of tickets is limited, so it is better to buy a ticket in advance. I want to go there as well.

From Buckingham Palace you can go to Trafalgar Square. It is 10-15 minutes by foot.

Trafalgar Square

It is the most famous square in the city. It’s a meeting place. The main Christmas tree of the country is located on Trafalgar square. Also there is a National Gallery. Once I went there when it was dark outside and it seemed to me that there was nothing special, but I changed my mind when I came back during a day time. In fact, this square is a meeting place for young people, it is always crowded. But it’s nice to hang out there.

Hyde Park / Winter Wonderland

This is a favorite spot for Londoners and tourists. There is the Serpentine Lake in the middle of the park, and it is allowed to swim. Also lots of swans, ducks, gulls are swimming in the lake. The park is huge and is located in the heart of the city. An ideal place to relax and forget the city rush.

Winter wonderland Winter wonderland

Hyde Park becomes a true fairy tale during winter time. Winter Wonderland is located there – the Christmas Market with various attractions. It opens in November and until January you need to go there at least to feel true Christmas atmosphere. The entrance is free. There is also an ice skating rink, a circus, a Ferris wheel, ice sculptures … There are a lot of people there on the weekends, so it’s better to go on weekdays. I’ve been there already twice and I really liked it, but I love all Christmas markets I visited.

Winter wonderland Winter wonderland

London Eye

The most famous Ferris wheel in London and one of the biggest in the world. From a height of 135 m you can enjoy a magnificent view on the whole city. Ticket costs £ 25 if you are buying online.

London eye London eye

Tower Bridge

It is a swing bridge over the River Thames. The most popular bridge in London and a symbol of the city. It is very beautiful and the photos on its background are just wow. The bridge was opened in 1894. For 9 pounds you can go to its tower. A beautiful view of the city opens from The Shard – the skyscraper. Its height is 309 meters (72 floors). There is an observation deck, but there is a restaurant on the 32nd floor where you can enjoy delicious English tea and enjoy the city view. I have not been there yet, but this is in my plans.

Tower bridge Tower bridge Tower bridge Tower bridge


A colorful Chinese street in center of London. There are many Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes … It’s nice to walk there and feel the atmosphere.


Covent Garden

This is a popular area near Chinatown. There was a fruit and vegetable market long time ago, and now you can do shopping or have a cup of coffee in a nice restaurant or cafe there. I was there in winter when I met my relatives. This place is especially beautiful in winter. Beautifully decorated and has a nice Christmas tree. A Neal’s Yard is located not far from Covent Garden. You will see colorful houses there, sit in one of the restaurants or cafes and enjoy the atmosphere.

Covent garden Covent garden Covent garden Covent garden

Natural History Museum

The museum building is very beautiful but inside it is beautiful and interesting as well. The museum is known primarily for its collections of dinosaurs’ skeletons. The huge 26 meters diplodocus was replaced by a blue whale. At the entrance you meet a 30-meter whale. At first I thought it was a dinosaur. He died in 1891 on an Irish beach. The museum also has an interesting collection of meteorites. The entrance is free, but a queue is very long.

Natural history museumNatural history museum Natural history museum Natural history museum

Also some more places to visit in London: Oxford Street, Harrods, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Madame Tussauds Museum, Greenwich Park, where 0 meridian begins, Sky Garden, British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey. I have been to some of them, but some I am still planning to visit.

Oxford street Oxford street

London is really worth visiting. I dreamed about going there for a long time when I studied all the texts at school about London, the capital of Great Britain. And now I can say that dreams come true. Just don’t stop dreaming!

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