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Here are some of my recent travel adventures.
New Zealand

New Zealand – Country I Have been Dreaming for 2 Years

New Zealand is a country I've been dreaming about for a very long time. How difficult it was to get a flight there ... 2 years I was asking for this flight every month and only after 2 years I got it. New Zealand is very far from Ukraine and the...


My 5th City in China – Hangzhou and Beautiful West Lake

I was biding for this flight, because there is a long rest and I always ask for new destinations. I still have few cities I really want to visit and I can't get them... Hangzhou was easy to get, because not everyone wants to fly to China)
I like...

niagara falls

Niagara Falls, Canada – the Most Amazing Falls in the World

Since I was a child I wanted to visit Canada more than USA. Mostly because of beautiful lakes and nature that can be seen only in Canada. But I've been only to few cities, like Montreal, Ottawa and now Toronto and Niagara Falls. All beatiful...